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FARGO® ID Card Personalization is an essential component of any security program and system. Governments, organizations, companies and public places are all leveraging the power of identity card-based applications to improve security and maximize operational efficiency.

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Innovative Identity Cards

By sandwiching images between the HDP Film and the card, High Definition Printing makes cards virtually tamper-proof and highly resistant to wear and abrasion. Along with high quality printed images, our clients can benefit from the best card security and durability measures available anywhere.

Hackett's advanced and versatile print technology encodes smart cards and other technology cards to meet specific security needs. High Definition Printing™ uses dye-sublimation technology to print crisp 300-dpi images on the underside of HDP® Film developed by Fargo.

high definition printing
high definition printing

Endless Benefits of HD Encoding Print

From basic photo IDs to advanced biometric technology cards, our versatile print technology performs exceptionally well even when encoding smart cards with uneven surfaces and unique card features. The high definition printing encoding capabilities support popular emerging technologies such as HID® clamshell proximity cards, MIFARE®, ISO 7816 smart chips and more.

Fargo HDP printer/encoders are ideal for any organization requiring highly secure authentication and/or card-based access control, time-and-attendance and other applications that depend on technology cards.

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ID Solutions
ID solutions

Increased security with smart or magnetically striped cards, biometric iris, print scans, or picture ID badges.

Alarm Systems
alarm systems

We specialize in reliable and innovative burglar and fire alarms, always keeping a sharp eye on your assets.

alarm systems

Based on our vast experience, we have a definite advantage in selecting the right cameras for your surveillance needs.

Access Control
access control

Integrated ID solutions that increase security by monitoring your employees, customers, students or visitors.